Conor McCarthy's Lack Of Post-Match Interview Glee Irks Joe Brolly

Conor McCarthy's Lack Of Post-Match Interview Glee Irks Joe Brolly

Donegal and Monaghan played out a high-scoring and thrilling draw in Ballybofey on Saturday evening.

Monaghan forward Conor McCarthy was the star of the first half, scoring a hat-trick in 20 minutes, and hitting 3-1 overall.

Post-match, the joy McCarthy must have felt in nailing those scores was neutralised by the result. Monaghan had led by seven points at one stage in the second half.

"The feeling at the minute is disappointment because we put ourselves in a real good position at half-time," he told eir Sport.

"It was definitely disappointing that we didn't capitalise on that. There's definitely a lot of positives to take from today."

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There being such a lack of glee in McCarthy's interview irked Joe Brolly.


Joe Brolly on lack of joy in Gaelic football

"You would think that Monaghan got beat," said Brolly.

"What's wrong with young fellas nowadays?

"He scored a brilliant hat-trick, [and it's], 'Oh, I'm going home to see my psychiatrist. I'll need some counselling. That was very disappointing. Really, it's very disappointing'.

"What is wrong with people? If I scored a hat-trick in a league game, I would have been absolutely bouncing, 'Let's get pints in the Dungiven club. Wasn't I unbelievable?'

"It's not every day you do it. It was a terrific hat-trick. What's wrong with expressing a bit of joy around the game? This is part of the problem. I call it the 'boardroomification of Gaelic football'. We all sound like politicians now. Everybody says the same things."

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