Joe Brolly Explains Why He Regards Kerry-Dublin Dream Final Talk As Nonsense

Joe Brolly Explains Why He Regards Kerry-Dublin Dream Final Talk As Nonsense

Joe Brolly's All-Ireland final day column in the Sunday Independent finished on a very downbeat note. Joe wants everyone to know how unexcited he is about today's game.

Kerry v Dublin is not a dream final in his eyes. His last line is telling in this regard, for he closes with the sentence - 'Kerry v Dublin? Dream final my arse'.

The column is another lament about the championship structures and its indifference to those counties who hardly reach July.

He uses the not often cited example of the St. Brigid's GLC annual U-10 tournament in Belfast as a model which the broader organisation cold learn something from. Essentially, there were shield competitions played off among counties who exited the pool stage early. Joe found it instructive that the winners of the shield celebrated with as much vigour as those who won the top tier prize.

Essentially, Joe is arguing for a secondary competition in the GAA once more. And he contends that everyone above in his club in Belfast is indifferent to the 'private party' in Croke Park today.


The nation must endure Darragh O'Se and the boys earnestly droning on about the finals they lost and Sam Maguire being part of the rhythm of life in Kerry. We don't give a damn about that. It's a private party.

Expect Brolly's personal mission to put the Paidi O'Se Cup before Congress to ramp up a notch next year.

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