Kerry Junior B Team Opt To Play Against The Wind In The First Half

Kerry Junior B Team Opt To Play Against The Wind In The First Half

Despite the inclement weather, the 13th round of the Southwest-Mideast North Kerry Junior B league is going ahead today with news breaking that Eire Óg Slashers Gaels have won the toss in their match against Cromane but are opting to play against the wind in the first half.

The start of the match has been delayed for a time for various reasons. First of all there was a delay as people waited for the referee to tie his umpires down for security, before the toss itself took place. The second major hold-up came after the coin blew away in midair. A second 50c piece was then located in a neighbouring parish and transported to the grounds.

Slashers Gaels' captain Liam Deliverance successfully called heads and decided to play against the wind, under the instruction of his manager. 'Fuck it, we'll pack plenty of men behind the ball and keep it tight in the first half,' said manager Ken Sweeney when asked by Liam.

They plan to throw the kitchen sink at Cromane in the second half, if it's not already hurtling through the air due to the high winds.



The match has been abandoned after all the footballs blew into the Atlantic.

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