'It's One Of The Best Parts Of The GAA' - Celebrating The Joy Of Local Radio

'It's One Of The Best Parts Of The GAA' - Celebrating The Joy Of Local Radio

Last Sunday, Meath secured a dramatic last gasp Allianz League victory over Kildare to the elation of a packed Páirc Tailteann. As is so often the case, those elsewhere could also experience it thanks to the excellent service that is local GAA radio.



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They really enjoyed that last gasp Meath victory over Kildare on LMFM! #GAA #Meath

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On this week's GAA podcast, the Three Man Weave, (13. 00) the lads discussed what exactly it is that makes a great local GAA commentator with four different examples.

Maurice: I think it is a prerequisite for a local commentator to be hoarse by the end of the game and if they are not, they haven't done their job.

Mick: The co-commentator has a huge part in them. The commentator has lost the run of himself in the shouting and screaming but still trying to get information across but what the co-com does is just start cheerleading! Just start shouting as a fan that happens to be miced up.

Mark: You have to get so many similies in. There is always the thing, it's funny when you listen to a game and then meet someone who was at the game. You listen and it sounds like the greatest game of all time and then you meet them and they say 'jaysis, that was desperate stuff wasn't it?'



To listen to the full discussion, as well as our interview with Meath's Shane McEntee and hurling's so-called weaker counties, download the podcast via the podcast platform or listen here.

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