Marc Ó Sé Blasts Stephen Rochford For His 'Two-Fingered Salute' To Club Players

Marc Ó Sé Blasts Stephen Rochford For His 'Two-Fingered Salute' To Club Players

Marc Ó Sé has denounced Stephen Rochford following the news last week that Mayo's footballers will not obey the GAA's recommendation that the month of April is put aside for club players.

Writing in his Irish Mail on Sunday column, Ó Sé said "Rochford's training camp in spring is a two-fingered salute to our club players" before criticising the Mayo manager for going against everything the "GAA is trying to achieve with its new schedule."

It reeks of absolute disrespect for the status of clubs players, especially when you consider the hype which had accompanied the fixtures master plan.

The Kerryman finished by stressing the monumental importance of the Club Players Association in resolving the plight of the club player. The CPA was established with the goal of becoming the voice for the club player, something Ó Sé supports and is involved with:

The anger at grassroots level has found a voice in the Club Players Association - whose very existence is testament to the GAA's failure to cater for its core membership - and we will not be silenced.


The CPA themselves spoke to last week and were highly critical of the GAA's lack of leadership.

Last October GAA Director General at the time, Paraic Duffy, said the available weekends for clubs would make a "huge difference" for the club championship. The scope of blame in this situation is interesting, with the CPA suggesting the GAA need to tackle this issue by policing the matter while Ó Sé seems to suggest inter-county managers who defy the rule are also to blame.

It is unlikely that Mayo will be the only county to utilise April for training camps, with the impression being this issue will only get bigger.

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Maurice Brosnan

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