Martin McHugh Says Weaker Counties Need To 'Stop Feeling Sorry For Themselves'

Martin McHugh Says Weaker Counties Need To 'Stop Feeling Sorry For Themselves'

Leitrim exited the championship on Saturday evening in front of the grassy banks in Drogheda.

As Leitrim exits go, it was on the respectable side. Two years ago, Armagh struck 8-13 against them in Carrick, while last year they lost by 21 points to Down in Newry. Emlyn Mulligan was interviewed afterwards and his comments had a 'what's the point of it all?' vibe.

The first half, in particular, was entertaining, although one can imagine Ulster pundits lamenting the innocence on display. Leitrim trailed 0-11 to 0-8 but kicked some lovely long range points. Fergal Clancy's performance deserves to be recorded as he hit four excellent scores, all from play. In the second half, they were shut down at midfield and barely laid a glove on their opponents, metaphorically or physically.

The Sunday Game panel dutifully devoted a few minutes to the end of Leitrim's season. While assessing the likes of Leitrim usually involves a great deal of keening, Martin McHugh chose to give a Roy Keane-esque feel to the whole thing.

His ultimate message was: There's thirty good footballers in every county. It's about getting them together and getting everyone committed.


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