McConville And Whelan Suggest Mayo Penalty Should Have Been Retaken

McConville And Whelan Suggest Mayo Penalty Should Have Been Retaken

Ciaran Whelan and Oisín McConville both believe that there were grounds for Ryan O'Donoghue's missed penalty in the All-Ireland final between Mayo and Tyrone to be retaken.

Just over five minutes into the second half - with Mayo trailing by two points - referee Joe McQuillan awarded a penalty after Tyrone's Frank Burns picked the ball from the ground inside the small rectangle.

O'Donoghue's kick hit the post and went wide. However, before the kick was taken, Tyrone goalkeeper Niall Morgan had moved from his line, and both Peter Harte and Michael McKernan had stepped inside the 20m line.

"Interesting with the penalty, it could have been retaken," said former Dublin footballer Whelan on The Saturday Game.

"Niall Morgan comes off the line, Peter Harte has broken the line. The umpires, linesmen are in place. The rule is that Niall Morgan has to stay on the line - he did come off the line.

"The penalty itself wasn't a very good penalty - Bruno Fernandes-like - you want to get power and get it on target. You wonder if it had been saved, would it have been retaken?"

Ryan O'Donoghue missed penalty Mayo vs Tyrone


Armagh All-Ireland winner Oisín McConville thought that McQuillan appeared to have a word with Morgan about staying on his line before the penalty was taken.

"The two umpires, that's their job," said McConville.

"He's a yard off his line.

"[The linesman] David Gough is looking at the two boys running in ahead of him. Peter Harte was so far ahead of him, he could have taken the penalty himself! There were definitely a couple of reasons why that should have been retaken."

The penalty being missed was a major blow to Mayo's hopes.

"The key thing is the momentum shift," added Whelan.

"If that goes in, Mayo feed off that energy, and it would have been a significant turning point. They never a moment in the game to revitalise the crowd. It was 0-10 to 0-8 at that point, that would have been a gamechanger for them."

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