Michael Duignan Brilliantly Defuses A Cork Fan 'Sick Of His Shit'

Michael Duignan Brilliantly Defuses A Cork Fan 'Sick Of His Shit'

Fans from every county are prone to assumptions of bias against their team. Aside perhaps from referees, pundits are readily positioned to take much of the flak; and Michael Duignan is walking proof of that.

An insightful, honest hurling analyst across all manner of mediums, the two-time All-Ireland winner with Offaly has had his fair share of aggressors.

A premature celebration of Offaly's return to hurling's top table resulted is derision earlier this year. During last year's championship, his negative attitude toward the defensive-minded sweeper-system had Wexford's Davy Fitzgerald all but call him out live on television.

Where such figures as Fitzgerald lead, fans will follow.

Using his Twitter account to reveal the message he received from one angry Cork fan, Duignan was quick in his response; "No holidays in Cork this year by the look of things."

Derided for his apparent dislike of Cork hurling, the aggressor in question goes so far as to call Duignan "a very average player yourself" - someone must fill in the gaps on Gordon Browne's stellar inter-county career.


A "boring" and "biased" broadcaster, Browne afforded himself the right to speak for all of Cork when he called Duignan a "stupid Offaly prick."

Replete with all manner of spelling and grammatical errors, you can see Duignan's "fan mail" below.

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