Kiernan Delighted To Play Championship Football Nine Months After Cancer Diagnosis

Kiernan Delighted To Play Championship Football Nine Months After Cancer Diagnosis

Nine months after being diagnosed with testicular cancer, Oisin Kiernan lined out in an Ulster Championship game on Saturday night.

The Castlerahan player wore the number 13 jersey as his Cavan side defeated Monaghan in a championship game for the first time in 18 years.

"It was brilliant to get back out there," Kiernan told Sky Sports.

After the first session of chemo, it wasn't too bad. It didn't have much of an effect on me. So I trained away. I just took it as it came. The second one, I trained away as well, the hair started to fall out obviously.

But I kept training away just as I could. Once I got the last [chemo] session done in February, I went flat out and got the all clear in March, so it's all good since then.

The thought of playing championship football in 2019 kept Kiernan motivated.

"I wasn't thinking about too much else. Not a distraction as such but it was great coming into the lads rather than sitting at home in the evenings.

"When I got the all clear, I think it was more the relief for everyone else; my family and friends and girlfriend. I was expecting that. It was just brilliant to get it then.


"It was about building the fitness back up. I was feeling good. Coming into the Dublin game, the energy was starting to come back. A few weeks later, you're back to normal really. It's been all good."

"What rocked me more was the reaction of everyone else," he added.

"My father had it as well. Going over in the car that day to get the news, it was calm enough. It was just [a case of] get the operation, get it done. Then I thought I might be in the clear. But I had to get chemo then. It was the same - 'Get it done, get back to normal'.

"But it's been the reaction of everyone else and the support which has been unbelievable."

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