Peter Canavan Believes Counties Need To Match Dublin Off The Pitch To Close The Gap On It

Peter Canavan Believes Counties Need To Match Dublin Off The Pitch To Close The Gap On It

Dublin have won a fifth All-Ireland on the spin, and it is difficult to imagine that they will stop there. While Kerry put up a mighty challenge to force a replay, the second game ended in a fairly comfortable fashion for The Dubs.

They are by far the best team in the country and they could continue to improve. The likes of Brian Fenton, Con O'Callaghan and Paul Mannion (to name only a few) are still in their early 20's and have not yet peaked.

There also seems to be a never ending conveyor belt of new talent being introduced, with players such as Brian Howard and Eoin Murchan coming in to add something extra.

So how can other counties close this gap? According to Peter Canavan, they need to get their houses in order so that they can maximise the talent they have at the disposal.

Speaking on Sky Sports after yesterday's final, Canavan said one of the things Dublin have gotten right is ensuring their players are given the best possible opportunity to succeed. If other counties don't start to replicate this, he believes their dominance could become even more pronounced.


Those players that play for Dublin have the best opportunity opportunity to be the best they can be. If other counties are going to catch up, they need to provide the same assistance in so many ways off the field of play.

In my own county I believe that's not happening. There's so much more we can and going to have to do. There's the example of Brian Cullen, who Jim Gavin wanted, and he left a good professional setup in Leinster Rugby to go to Dublin.

We have an excellent strength and conditioning man who left Tyrone GAA, a place where he wanted to be, to go to Ulster Rugby.

In so many ways I believe that Dublin are amateur in ethos but professional in practice. Other counties are amateur in ethos and amateur in practice.

Until we close that gap we could be looking at seven, eight, nine in-a-row.

Of course the issue of funding comes into this equation, but it cannot be denied that many counties do not make the most of the money they receive.

Senan Connell believes other teams can replicate what Dublin have done in building a winning culture. In fact, he claims that Dublin would even advise them on how to do so.

What Jim did when he came in, he followed on from Pat Gilroy, he developed a culture and it's a culture of winning and an ultra competitive environment. It's either his way or the highway.

We've seen a lot of talented individually brilliant players go into that panel and if they don't do it Jim's way, they're gone. Collectively brilliant is what he wants, not that individual brilliance.

John Costello is the chairman of the county board, he has an open door policy. If you're another county and want to see how Dublin operate, go up and he'll open the door and say 'here's what we do, there's the template, you go off and take it away'.

It's not like they're hiding under the table and squirrelling away. Everyone thinks it's money, it's not.

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