Pricks Steal Graham Geraghty's Leinster Medals

Pricks Steal Graham Geraghty's Leinster Medals

There's a special circle in hell reserved for thieves of GAA medals. That small shiny piece of tin is one of the few sentimental tokens that players -if they're lucky enough to win them - get to carry with them after their playing career. They have very little black market value. And so to deliberately rob a player of his medal feels intentionally cruel. Take his car, his phone, his DVD collection, his piggie bank. He spent his life earning those medals. They belong to him.

Graham Geraghty's medals were robbed last Friday from his house, while he was at home with his family. GEraghty spoke with RTE Radio 1 today and said thieves took his minor, 2 under 21 and 3 senior Leinster medals. Luckily, his All-Ireland medals were not taken.

Apart from the distress of having thieves rummage through your possessions, it's vile to have criminals arriving at your front door looking to take your hard-earned GAA memorabilia.

Graham's wife Amanda wrote on Facebook:


They are not worth much in monetary value but it took blood sweat and tears to win these over a period of 11 years 1 minor 2 under 21’s and 3 senior a lifetime of memories taken we will gladly give you what the cash for gold shops will give you for them and more

In classic GAA fashion, Geraghty asked for the thieves to "leave them somewhere and just put my name on them and I'm sure I'll get them". We hope justice is swiftly done and the medals are returned.

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