Ross Munnelly Hails 'Unbelievable Level Of Bravery' From Laois Captain Stephen Attride

Ross Munnelly Hails 'Unbelievable Level Of Bravery' From Laois Captain Stephen Attride

In the closing moments of Laois' Leinster semi-final win against Carlow on Sunday, Stephen Attride threw himself at a breaking ball in an attempt to stop an attack.

The Laois captain was successful in his effort but it would come at a severe cost. Attride would suffer a double skull fracture, a concussion and require 25 stitches above his eye following an accidental collision with the shin of Carlow's Ciarán Moran.

Speaking on 2FM's Game On, Ross Munnelly hailed the bravery of his teammate.

"It was just an unbelievable level of bravery from him in the last couple of minutes when Carlow were potentially on a counter-attack

"Unfortunately there was a collision that left him in a bad way but it is what it is at this stage.

"Thank God Steve is fit and well, that's the main thing that he was responsive so fast after. We'll be fully behind him in the next two weeks and after that.


Munnelly said Attride's courage in that moment typified the attitude which got Laois over the line.

I think in the circumstances of the way the game was yesterday and the type of game that it was - that epitomised our performance.

That commitment when the game was on the line and those small inches that we had to win.

Right to the very end [we were] led by our captain. It was an outstanding piece of bravery and for reasons like that we got over the line and we're in a Leinster final.

His career will continue to develop long after this. This will only be a minor setback for him.

Photo by Piaras Ó Mídheach/Sportsfile

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