Scotland GAA Not Pleased With Pat Spillane Over 'Dustbin' Column

Scotland GAA Not Pleased With Pat Spillane Over 'Dustbin' Column

The severely abridged intercounty calendar - which does not fully commence until the final weekend of October - has meant that many GAA competitions have to be shelved in 2020 due to time restrictions. Remember the B Championship in gaelic football? There'll be no club All-Ireland champion this year in hurling or football either.

The GAA also took the decision to scrap the junior All-Ireland football championship, which is a much-loved competition by those who've competed for it, especially in the UK.

One person who's not a huge fan of the Junior All-Ireland is Sunday Game pundit Pat Spillane, who yesterday expressed his 'delight' that the competition had been abandoned. 'Hopefully it will remain consigned to the dustbin of history,' he wrote

The comments were not well received by Scotland GAA, who tweeted their own dismay about the statement.

Spillane's disdain for the competition is interesting. His own nephew Adrian - now a regular in the Kerry senior team - represented Kerry in the 2016 Junior Championship. Kerry has won the competition every year since 2015.


Johnny Cooper also enjoyed his time playing with the Dublin juniors back in 2008, and the competition clearly can help players on their intercounty journey.

Interestingly, Spillane was effusive in his defence of club players on the Sunday Game last night so arguments so that he is merely an elitist in arguing against the junior championship don't hold much water.

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