Sunday Game Panel Call For Resolution To Unfair Hurling Relegation System

Sunday Game Panel Call For Resolution To Unfair Hurling Relegation System

Anthony Daly, Donal Óg Cusack and Neil McManus all agreed that the current situation which will see Carlow relegated to the Joe McDonagh Cup after finishing bottom of the Leinster SHC but Waterford not after finishing bottom of the Munster SHC is inequitable.

Currently, the only situation which would see a team relegated from the Munster SHC is if Kerry were to win the Joe McDonagh Cup and then beat the bottom Munster team in a playoff. Carlow will be relegated without a playoff.

"If I'm in Carlow today," said Antrim hurler McManus on The Sunday Game, "I'm absolutely livid that I'm being relegated and yet Waterford haven't won a game; they were well-beaten in a lot of their games. There's no trapdoor, there's no negative for them."

Cusasck added that there has to be a system of relegation and promotion.

"There must be winners and losers," said Cusack.

There has the be relegation, even though the GAA is the most socially conscious sporting organisation on the planet, bar none, and I feel very strongly about that.

Otherwise, throw everybody into a hat, let everybody play each other and we'll see how many people turn up.

Anthony Daly believes that there should be a playoff involving Carlow and Waterford.


"Waterford lost every game in Munster, Carlow lost every game in Leinster - should there not be a playoff? That's the general consensus with hurling people.

"I would love to see the Joe McDonagh teams being given a two-year go at the Liam MacCarthy but how do you balance that with the Christy Ring and relegation?

"They should at least be entitled to a playoff with the bottom Munster team. If the bottom Munster team were to lose that, maybe you've got a scenario where you've got Carlow in Munster the following year and that's going to cause all sorts of headaches.

"Carlow's scoring difference is actually better than Waterford's."

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