The Sunday Game Gaelic Football Team Of The Year Has Been Named

The Sunday Game Gaelic Football Team Of The Year Has Been Named

The Sam Maguire trophy dons blue once more. Dublin's status of greatest team of the decade is assured, the tag of greatest team looms. Their victory over Tyrone brought to an end the 2018 Championship and thus it is time for All-Star and Player of the Year debates.

The Sunday Game have released their Team of the Year, which features eight players from the All-Ireland champions. A selection panel of Sean Cavanagh, Ciaran Whelan, Tomás Ó Sé, Lee Keegan, Colm Cooper and Michael Murphy choose the team.

1) Stephen Cluxton - Dublin

2) Johnny Cooper - Dublin

3) Pádraig Hampsey - Tyrone

4) Eoghan Ban Gallagher - Donegal

5) Karl O'Connell - Monaghan


6) James McCarthy - Dublin

7) Jack McCaffrey - Dublin

8) Brian Fenton - Dublin

9) C0lm Cavanagh - Tyrone

10) Shane Walshe - Galway

11) Ciaran Kilkenny - Dublin


12) Brian Howard - Dublin

13) Paul Mannion - Dublin

14) Conor McManus - Monaghan

15) David Clifford - Kerry

It also saw two from Tyrone, two from Monaghan, one from Galway, one from Donegal and one from Kerry.

Player of the year went to Ciaran Kilkenny from Dublin.

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