Sunday Game Corroborates McGeeney Complaint About Referee

Sunday Game Corroborates McGeeney Complaint About Referee

Following Saturday evening's defeat to Mayo, Armagh manager Kieran McGeeney expressed his anger regarding the time-keeping of referee Maurice Deegan.

"When you’re infallible, you never learn from your mistakes," McGeeney told Sky Sports.

"That’s the only way I can put it.

"We had four minutes of extra-time there, with maybe 10 or 11 head injuries. That’s nothing to do with Mayo or James [Horan], that’s not his call. That’s the man in the middle. There were more stoppages in that game."

McGeeney's complaint was verified as being legitimate on The Sunday Game. Kevin McStay established that there should have more than ten minutes of added time.

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"It's not just in this game, it's in a lot of the big championship games this year," said McStay.


The issue of time-keeping, it's been a struggle.

We've got it in two categories here, injuries and substitutions made; we have it at over ten minutes. There were other categories I left out like consultations with other officials - that was just short of three minutes.

Four minutes were announced and we've established two-and-a-half times that should have been played.

It's really not good enough. Five years ago [when Mayo were beaten by Kerry], we were here debating the exact same thing. It hasn't moved on and they're going to have to resolve that issue.

The technology is there. The referees have the latest technology in their match watches.

"We continually as the question, 'Why is the referee in charge of the time?'" added Sean Cavanagh.

"Lots of other sports, it's operated so well like in basketball where they have a timekeeper.

"Maurice Deegan didn't have a good game last night. Armagh fans were not happy he was appointed the game in the first place, they certainly weren't happy after the game. He made a number of harsh calls."

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