The Definitive Ranking Of Every County's 2020 Away Jersey

The Definitive Ranking Of Every County's 2020 Away Jersey

While we wait on the intercounty season to kick back into gear in a couple of months, we are focusing on the GAA jerseys we will be seeing once the championship gets under way. Last week we looked at the home jersey of each county, but this time we will be judging their away efforts.

If no official away jersey was listed, we included the goalkeeper jersey, which is what most counties would use if no official away jersey has been released.

Some of these may change if new designs are released before championship, so we'll update in due course but as of now, here's what we came up with.

2020 Away Jersey Ranking

34. Meath

The less said about this the better.


33. Longford

This has a very retro feel about it, but not in a good way.

32. Antrim

Needs more colour.


31. Kilkenny

They've attempted to stick with Kilkenny's traditional stripes, but it just doesn't work without the amber.

30. Roscommon

We're not big fans of the faded design.


29. Westmeath

Westmeath have had some lovely away jerseys in the past, but this isn't the most eye-catching shade of green.

28. Kildare

Basically a black version of their home jersey, it doesn't have the same feel.


27. Sligo

The red and black doesn't look as well as you would expect it to.

26. Donegal

This is a much nicer offering than Donegal's home jersey. Still not enough to shoot it up the rankings, however.


25. London

The faded design on the white panel is very strange.

24. Mayo

You'll either love this one or hate it, but we fall more into the latter. A bit of a letdown when you think of other away jerseys Mayo have had over the years.


23. Fermanagh

This design works better on this occasion than in the green home jersey.

22. Limerick

It's just a bit too plain.


21. Tipperary

The geometric pattern isn't too bad, but the colour leaves a lot to be desired.

20. Leitrim

A reverse of the home jersey, it looks a bit nicer in predominantly yellow.


19. Clare

Not the worst, but it looks more like a training top than one you'd see in the middle of championship.

18. Carlow

This is much nicer than the Carlow home one, they should probably just use this one all the time considering it's basically the same colour.


17. Galway

The camouflage will definitely split opinion, and this one would have ranked much higher if it didn't have it.

16. Wicklow

A decent effort from Wicklow.


15. Offaly

Doesn't quite have the same magic of the home one, but a nice effort nonetheless.

14. Armagh

White with a dash of orange just works.


13. Louth

This is a lovely shade of navy, one that you don't see used all that often.

12. Laois

A reverse of the home effort, this one works a little bit better.


11. Derry

This is how you do a black jersey.

10. Waterford

Another strong effort from Waterford.


9. Dublin

Similar to the Tipperary one in many ways, this Dublin away jersey is a much cleaner design.

8. Kerry

The lightning bolt design is certainly something different, but the blue and green together works a treat.


7. New York

We're getting into the cream of the crop now.

This New York jersey is a beauty, combining blue and red in a way we don't see all that often in the GAA.

6. Monaghan


Monaghan consistently have one of the best away jerseys in the country and this one is no exception.

5. Cavan

After topping the previous rankings, Cavan will have to with a spot in the top five on this occasions.

This one is still a belter.

4. Down


Down have had some gorgeous away jerseys over the year, and this blue one is definitely unique amongst the current crop.

3. Tyrone

Another county with a strong alternate jersey history, Tyrone never go wrong with a red effort.

2. Cork


We found it tough to separate the top two, but Cork were ultimately beaten by a nose.

This is a lovely effort, with the red across the shoulders a nice touch. Collarless jerseys can be hit and miss, but it adds a bit extra to this one.

1. Wexford

Wexford came second in our previous list, but there was no denying them top spot this time.

They have some incredible gear this year, with this possibly the pick of the bunch. A stunner.

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Gary Connaughton

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