The Kerry Manager Reckons Dublin Have Changed A Fair Bit Since 2014

The Kerry Manager Reckons Dublin Have Changed A Fair Bit Since 2014

The most oft discussed match of the 2014 season was referenced again this week as Eamonn Fitzmaurice was asked about the more pragmatic stance Dublin have adopted in 2015.

Since last year's sucker punch against Donegal, Fitzmaurice feels the Dubs have become more defensively conscious.

They're protecting their own goals a lot better, protecting their own half of the pitch a bit better. Cian O'Sullivan had done a lot of very good work for them this year in that regard... The last day as well Denis Bastick, while he was on the pitch, was defensively-minded. He was in the middle of the field but was conscious of his defensive duties.

They learned some harsh lessons against Donegal last year and they’ve brought it forward again this year, while at the same time still maintaining that fantastic game they have where they can put up huge scores.

The Dubs average margin of victory is a tad less eye-popping this year, in large part down to the surprising resilience of Fermanagh in the quarter-final and their profligate attacking performance in the Leinster Final.


However, the Dubs have obviously evolved their style so as not to ship goals in important games, as they did in both the 2013 and 2014 semi-finals. They are not prepared to suffer for their art that much.

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