Manager Claims Wexford's Liam Ryan Broke Foot 'Doing Something With County Team'

Manager Claims Wexford's Liam Ryan Broke Foot 'Doing Something With County Team'

There's been an incredible development in the club vs county training row that's rumbled on this rainy July. In a discussion previewing the 2020 Wexford senior club championship uploaded to Youtube on Tuesday, Rapparees manager Padge 'Skinner' Walsh told Wexford Today that his intercounty star Liam Ryan is going to be unavailable for selection after breaking his foot 'doing something with the county team'.

Walsh sounded very close to saying the word 'training', which is a thing no county set-up should be doing until September.

Here's the exact quote:

'Liam is in big trouble there at the minute. He's on crutches, with a boot on his foot. He picked up an injury there tr...doing something with the county team or something. He has a bone broken in the bottom of his foot and obviously going to be out for the Championship, as simple as that.'

Ryan has been a stalwart in the Wexford defence under Davy Fitzgerald. You can watch the clip on the Wexford Today website, as Walsh realises mid-sentence  that  he might be saying something very controversial about Liam Ryan's injury.

A spokesperson for Wexford GAA told the Independent that Walsh was mistaken and Ryan's injury was actually sustained on club duty.

Liam Ryan recently suffered a hairline fracture in his foot but Wexford GAA are adamant that Liam's injury was sustained with his club while preparing for the upcoming club championships."


We've got a legitimate mystery here.  Skinner Walsh is saying the injury happened while Ryan was 'doing something' with the senior team. Wexford GAA contend the injury happened on club duty, something Walsh oversees. Someone is wrong.

It seems this row over intercounty training is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

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Donny Mahoney

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