Watch: Joe Brolly Spoke So Much Sense About The Homelessness Crisis

Watch: Joe Brolly Spoke So Much Sense About The Homelessness Crisis

Joe Brolly goes by many labels. Former footballer. All-Ireland winner. Barrister. GAA pundit. Columnist. However, last night he appeared on the Late Late Show to discuss distinctively different aspects of his life including how growing up in the troubles forged his pacifism, cystic fibrosis and the homelessness crisis.

Recently the GAA community united to sleep out on the streets of Ireland in order to raise awareness surrounding the housing crisis in this country. Speaking last night, Brolly elaborated on something mentioned in his Sunday column earlier this year, that he had taken in a homeless man and allowed him to stay with him.

He was in a very bad condition on the street and I had slept out before just to get a feel for it all. I mean, there shouldn't be homelessness. The problem with homelessness is the problem with inequality in society. It's not something that can be cured be fundraising, it has to be cured by legislation. By policies that try to reduce inequality, like the Scandinavian countries for example. 25 years ago a home was somewhere to live, somewhere to raise your children... roundabout then it became a commodity like any other and no protections were put in place.

It became inevitable for large sections of our people because our social security net had shrunk and shrunk, inequality has increased. For example, in the North, there are 80'000 people without a home.


His appearance proved hugely popular.


The homelessness crisis is an ever-increasing problem with a host of bodies working to combat it including Focus Ireland and the Simon Community.

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