Who Are The Greatest Stickmen In Recent Hurling History?

Who Are The Greatest Stickmen In Recent Hurling History?

The fabled stickman is something that every hurling team craves. They can do things with a hurl that most others could only dream of, seemingly at one with with their weapon of choice.

They seem capable of turning the hurl into a wand at times, pulling something out of their bag of tricks that few would expect. For a Gaelic football equivalent, think of somebody like Colm Cooper.

But who is the best example of a stickman in the recent past? That very topic came up in this week's Three Man Weave, the GAA podcast. The lads said that there are a number of examples in the current Limerick team, as evidence by Aaron Gillane's goal at the weekend.

But who's been the best of the best?

Aaron Gillane

Gillane was the one who sparked this entire conversation, with this wonderful goal in the league final win over Waterford. How did he pull this one off?


Masterful play. It even confused those who were in Croke Park that day, who struggled to comprehend what had happened.

Maurice: I was on that side right, and everyone around me was convinced that ball bounced and went through the 'keeper. None of us knew what happened, it was amazing!

DJ Carey

Perhaps the best example of the lot. DJ Carey was absolutely magic with a hurl in his hand, doing things almost nobody could even consider attempting. This volleyed goal against Antrim is the ideal stickman play.


Podge Collins

Podge Collins is another player who is capable of pulling something out of nothing. This point against Cork in the All-Ireland final is a prime example. Being chased by a number of defenders down a dead end with the ball on his hurl, before popping up with a beautiful point over the shoulder.


John Troy

"Blink and you'll miss it." Troy scored what was was one of the best goals in hurling history, completely selling the an Antrim defender down the river with an unbelievable flick, before finishing expertly.

What all stickmen should aspire to.

Damien Hayes


The Galway man was an unbelievable hurler, and an expert stickman to boot. His ability to hit the ball with a short grip was something few could replicate, and it really made him standout on the pitch.

Crackers like this don't do his case any harm either.

You can listen to the full conversation on the great hurling stickmen on this week's Three Man Weave podcast, via Spotify, iTunes, Pocketcast or any other podcast platform.

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