Kilkenny Junior Game Has All-Time Great Biased Commentary

Kilkenny Junior Game Has All-Time Great Biased Commentary

The Covid-19 pandemic and the limited attendance which it allows at games has seen the proliferation of clubs providing live streams.

Of course, streams require commentators, and being impartial is not in the job description.

The Kilkenny Junior Hurling League game between Windgap and Tullogher-Rosbercon had accompanying audio akin to the all-time great club game commentary: Effin Eddie Moroney's narration of the 1991 Tipperary U21 A football final between Aherlow and Eire Óg Nenagh.

A little over 10 minutes into the second half of last Friday's game, a high ball from the Tullogher half-back line towards Walter Walsh caused havoc in the Windgap defence.

Though they were down to 14 players after a red card in the first half, Windgap were leading. The commentator - the game was streamed on the Windgap Kilkenny Facebook Page - wanted his side to ensure they maintained that lead.


Commentator: Dangerous ball in on top of Walter Walsh. Walter has it. Take him down! Take him down!

Supporter: Ah, ref, that's a red fuckin' card.

Commentator: There's no red card for taking him down.

Supporter: He's gone. He's gone. A red card.

Commentator: No, it's not. There's no such thing as a professional foul.

Supporter: He's gone.


Commentator: Ah for fu...

Supporter: It's a red card. You can't do it, sure.

Commentator: A professional foul isn't a red card. Davey Doyle was given a red card, lads, for taking a man down. Oh lord.

The referee did appear to gesture that Davey Doyle was sent off for a high tackle on Walsh rather than just simply dragging taking him down.

With Windgap down to 13 players, Tullogher Rosbercon went on to win the game 1-16 to 1-13.

Forward to the 54:30 mark below for the moment.

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