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Kieran Donaghy Criticises Robbie Hennelly's Positioning On McShane Goal

Kieran Donaghy Criticises Robbie Hennelly's Positioning On McShane Goal

Tyrone are All-Ireland champions and Mayo are not. You can talk about curses until the cows come home but at the end of the day, Tyrone took their goal chances and Mayo did not and that's why Sam Maguire heads north this Ulster.

This All-Ireland was there on a plate for Mayo but they spurned multiple chances in front of goal in both halves.

Tyrone, meanwhile, were ruthless in front of goal, as they were against Kerry.

What explains Mayo's poor performance in All-Ireland finals? It is about quality or is it about psychology? Some times it's the little things. Cathal McShane's fisted goal was incredible - as was Conor Meyler's pass to set it up, but Mayo contributed to that goal. Oisin Mullen was at sea, and it was interesting to see Kieran Donaghy critique the positioning of Robbie Hennelly - who has been arguably Mayo's best performer this season - on Sky's coverage.

Hennelly has had his share of forgettable moments in All-Ireland finals and while he was vital again for Mayo from the placed ball, Donaghy thought the Mayo keeper could have done much better dealing with Meyler's pass


Donaghy, who knows as much about positioning under the high ball as anyone in gaelic football, thought Hennelly drifted too far from his line.

Speaking on the Sky Sports post-match programme, Donaghy said:

Robbie will have nightmares over this. If he stands on the line, that probably lands in his lap. He’s just in that sorry place that’s basically called no man’s land, Grainne. You just can’t go out and do that on a big day. And Oisin Mullen has to do better.

If Mayo were the masters of their own demise on the first goal, Donaghy was effusive in his praise for Tyrone in creating the second goal, calling it one of the greatest goals you'll ever see.

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