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5 Online Multiplayer Games That Are Ideal For Playing With Your Mates

5 Online Multiplayer Games That Are Ideal For Playing With Your Mates
Monique Murphy
By Monique Murphy Updated
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Remember the days of LAN (local area network) parties where friends gathered with their computers to play multiplayer games together? Those gatherings required A LOT of planning to be successful.

Nowadays, with online multiplayer games, we can play games with our friends from the comfort of our homes, any time no matter the distance. With the variety of games currently available, there are endless options, from teamwork-based to competitive ones, and even more casual games perfect for catching up.

Here are five games you can enjoy with your friends, no matter where you are:

Project Planet: Earth Vs Humanity

You may think that a game with roles can get old pretty quickly, but the many twists and turns in Project Planet: Earth Vs Humanity will have you and your friends at the edge of your seats!

In this 1v5 game, no two games are the same. You can play as Earth, aiming to destroy humanity by triggering catastrophic events such as virus outbreaks, plagues or natural disasters. Alternatively, you can play as one of five parts of humanity; making laws and regulations as a World Leader. You can decide how the economy responds as part of the Industry, work hard to find solutions to humanity struggles in the Scientists, Inform the public as part of the Media, or act as an everyday member of the Public.

Each player makes choices one by one. Ultimately, each player on the humanity team has two choices; bond together or let greed take over. Each role has its own unique challenges and random events that can disrupt your plans.


What makes Project Planet very accessible to play with a group is that only one person needs to purchase the game. The owner will get a code that fellow players can use on a web-enabled device to join. For long-distance friends, the owner can stream the game on Discord, Hangout or Teams.

Don’t have six players for a game? Not a problem! An AI will act as a player and take over the
remaining roles.

Project Planet: Earth Vs Humanity is currently available only on Steam.


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Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams

Are you and your friends the kind who like to hang out over an activity, such as crafting or teamwork? Well, Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams may be the game for you!

Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams is a jigsaw simulator – but with a little twist. Instead of working with just puzzle pieces alone, you enter a 3D world where you can put together your puzzle, just like in real life. Accompanied by light-hearted background music, work on your puzzle in a cosy apartment, placing it on the coffee table, dinner table, or simply on the floor.


The game offers a variety of puzzles, from 100 pieces to 1000 pieces. If the in-game puzzles don’t appeal to you, you can upload your own images to turn into puzzles. Completed puzzles can then be hung in the virtual apartment as part of the wall decorations.

Larger puzzles will take longer, but the game’s biggest advantage is that up to 10 friends can join and help you at any time. The multiplayer mode works on a Drop In / Drop Out function, so you don’t need to start a whole new puzzle for multiplayer. And you don’t need your friends to stay to complete it. It’s the perfect game for friends to casually drop in and play while you chat.

All members of your friend group will need to download the game to play, however Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams is available free to play on Steam.


Euro Truck Simulator 2

Remember when the first person in your friend group got their driver's license? Outings became more adventurous and late-night chats now happened during drives. Unfortunately, not everyone can experience this due to scheduling conflicts, distance or not having a car.


Enter Euro Truck Simulator 2!


This captivating game lets you become a truck driver, delivering large cargo around Europe. Combining driving and tycoon simulation, you start with your first truck and use your earnings to upgrade, buy more trucks and hire staff.

The real adventure can be found in Convoy Mode. Imagine up to 8 friends travelling across Europe while chatting and listening to music – Convoy Mode allows you to do just that.

Each player gets their own truck and must complete the same delivery by the same deadline. To enhance your experience, you can communicate via the truck radio or listen to the games built-in radio, which features real radio stations from a variety of countries, blending in beautifully with the game’s driving sounds.


Your group will have a ball virtually driving and taking in the stunning European scenery. While some countries require DLC (downloadable content), with all DLC installed you can drive routes such as the United Kingdom to Bulgaria.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is available on PC and is compatible with the Steam Deck.

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Goose Goose Duck

If gamers gained one skill during 2020, it would be acting. During the lockdown, many of us played Among Us, either protesting our innocence or putting on our best-acting front to avoid being exposed as the imposter.

Among Us brought us hours of laughter in such a trying time. But what if there was a game to renew that mayhem among friends?

This is Goose Goose Duck – a game similar to Among Us but with a few added twists. Like Among Us, you and your team of Geese must complete your mission while looking for imposters – the Ducks.

Goose Goose Duck stands out for its unique features. Players are encouraged to communicate via the games built-in proximity chat, which lowers volume with distance. Be cautious what you say in the game, you never know who is nearby!

The game also introduces roles and sub-roles, which add advantages or alter objectives. For example, the role of Canadian Goose will auto-report themselves when killed, while the Dodo role only wins if voted out.

With over 50 roles and 13 sub-roles, Goose Goose Duck promises hours of fun mayhem. It’s available for free on Steam, iOS and Android.

Golf With Your Friends

Remember the thrill of unpredictable item boxes when playing Super Mario Kart? That element of surprise made it exciting to play with friends.

What if you could receive that thrill in a different context? Golf With Your Friends offers just that!

Golf With Your Friends brings crazy golf to the digital world, with fun-themed courses and balls with their own personalities. Players follow regular golf rules, aiming to complete the course with the fewest shots, but the challenging courses make this difficult.

Players can command their ball to jump for quicker progress, but the real chaos happens with the games item boxes. These boxes can hinder opponents by changing ball shapes or spilling sticky honey on the course. Some items boxes can also help the activating player only, providing them with better control over the ball.

If this kind of chaos sounds fun, Golf With Your Friends is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

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