Here Are Best Camp Upgrades In Red Dead Redemption 2

Here Are Best Camp Upgrades In Red Dead Redemption 2

Upgrading your camp unlocks tonnes of benefits for your overall experience but some are more beneficial than others. So what are the best camp upgrades in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Best Camp Upgrades in Red Dead Redemption 2

There are a couple of different ways for you to upgrade your camp. The first is to head to your camps butcher, Pearson.  All of those upgrades are cosmetic such as adding furniture around the campfire, tablecloths & throws. Pearson can also upgrade Arthurs satchel which allows you ta carry more valuables such as bottles of delicious bourbon or more ammo.

The Camp Ledger is where you can choose from all the major camp upgrades. To unlock the ledger you'll have to complete your first debt-collection mission which takes place in chapter 2.

Lodging Upgrades

You should upgrade the lodging as this eventually unlocks the option of fast-travel. Read more about that here. Firstly, upgrade Dutch's lodgings. While this costs a pretty penny ($200), it encourages others in the camp to donate more.  When the other campers have donated enough cash, you should upgrade Arthur's lodgings. This upgrade costs $300 and unlocks the added bonus of fast travel. The final upgrade is to improve everyone else's lodgings for $300, this improves the overall mood of the campsite.

Ammunition and Weapons


Ammunition and weapons should be high on your list of camp upgrades. Arthurs wagon stores the camps weapons, and before you've upgraded you'll start out with a revolver and pistol ammo. For $60 you can upgrade to repeater ammo and add bow and arrows. For a further $90 you can add throwing knives, increase armoury supplies as well as shotgun and rifle ammo. Finally, the last upgrade includes fire bottles and high-velocity repeater ammo.


Upgrading the camps medicine stockpile can be quite helpful especially, if like me, you have at least 5 bounties on your head at any one time. You start out with a basic supply if hard liquor, health cures and bitters. For $30 you unlock snake oil and potent bitters. For another $50, you restock all your medicine while the tonics also refill all your stats. And for $75, it increases supplies and adds more effective healing tonics. The guys and gals at eurogamer have a great list of all upgrades and how much they'll cost.

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