Some Big Changes Are Coming To 'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Tomorrow

Some Big Changes Are Coming To 'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Tomorrow

Infinity Ward and Activision have revealed the new changes coming to Modern Warfare in the next Season 5 title update.

Warzone players will be happy to know that there are some major map changes coming their way, and yes, the Stadium is finally open. In the Season 5 trailer, a hole is blown in the roof of the stadium, big enough to allow players to fly a helicopter into the stadium itself. The trailer also shows new orange repels placed on the outside of buildings including the stadium which players can use for quick access onto roofs without the use of a vehicle.

The other major change coming to Warzone is the addition of a moving train to Verdansk.  From the trailer, the train seems to be a good spot for loot with orange loot crates being seen along its carriages. The train also seems to loop the whole way around the map and could lead to some interesting fights.

The new season also brings big changes for the regular Modern Warfare players too. The trailer shows a new Ground War map based off of Verdansk airport, new 6v6 multiplayer maps called Suldal Harbour and Petrov Oil Rig and finally a new Gunfight map called Livestock.

The trailer - which you can check out below - also teases two new weapons and a shows some of the new skins coming to the game in the upcoming season.


Season 5 goes live tomorrow, Wednesday 5 August - but some users have been able to download the 36GB update early.

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Jonathon Lynam

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