Fortnite Champ Raided By Armed Cops After Hoax Call

Fortnite Champ Raided By Armed Cops After Hoax Call

If you think Tyrone engage a few dirty tactics, or don't like the time wasting of that football team you don't like, it's nothing compared to the nefarious, vicious, victim heavy world of online gaming.

Last month, 16 year old American Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf won the $3million grand prize by winning the Fortnite World Cup. Apparently, this hasn't gone down well with some of his rivals, and last Saturday, at least one of them exacted some revenge.

During a livestream on Saturday night, "Bugha" disappeared for 10 minutes after being heard having a conversation with his father, saying ""I've been swatted."

"Swatted" refers to the act of swatting which involved calling in a fake emergency to bring armed police to the home of an innocent "suspect".

According to ESPN, the police received a call from a person pretending to be the 16 year old Bugha, who told police he had killed his father and had his mother tied up in the garage.


Having surrounded the house with armed police, Giersdorf's father answered the door and the confusion and panic died down when one of the officer recognised the Fortnite champ. Police claim they believe the prank call came from Europe.

It's not the first serious incident of "swatting" involving serious gaming. In March, an American man was sentenced to twenty years in prison for a similar incident that resulted in a shooting. His made the call in retaliation to losing a game of Call of Duty.

When Bugha came back to his game, he summed it up, "The internet's fucking crazy!"


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