How To Build An Ultimate Team Hybrid Squad On FIFA 19

How To Build An Ultimate Team Hybrid Squad On FIFA 19

FIFA 19 has been released for over a week now, and we are really getting into the swing of things. The addition of the Champions League has been lauded for adding even more authenticity to the game, while 'house rules' mode has also been a massive success. For many players, their Ultimate Teams are starting to take shape. However, many people do not want to restrict the players on their squad to only one league. If that's you don't worry, we will show you how to build an Ultimate Team hybrid squad on FIFA 19.

How To Build An Ultimate Team Hybrid Squad On FIFA 19

So what is a hybrid squad? Basically, a hybrid team is one which features players that are not all from the same league or nation. There are useful for players who want to have a bit more variety on the players they use in their Ultimate Teams.

You need to have a high chemistry score on your team, and mixing and matching players from different leagues can severely affect this rating. If your chemistry rating is low, it will lower your players' ability on the pitch. For this reason, you need to be careful when constructing your hybrid squad.

The key to building a good hybrid team is to find a nationality that you can use to link two leagues. Not every player in the team will have to be of this nationality, but you will need to use them in some key positions. This is easiest to do if you place them in central areas of the pitch.

Take a look at the squad below as an example.

How to build an ultimate team hybrid squad on FIFA 19


This is a Permier League/La Liga squad. The use of Spanish Premier League players is obviously the key to upping the chemistry here. Kepa, Azpilicueta and Herrera will form links with Spanish La Liga players, of which you have an abundance of choice on who to include. To mix things up a bit, the Brazilian connection of Gabriel Jesus and Malcom is used to maintain chemistry up front.

After this, you can include Premier League players of any nationality on the left side of the team without affecting chemistry. This is due to these players having no chemistry links to the La Liga players on the pitch. Similarly you have a choice of La Liga players to include on the right side, once Malcom is included to form the link with Jesus.

Have a look at another example squad below.

how to build ultimate team hybrid squad fifa 19

This is a Ligue 1/Bundesliga hybrid team, and again a couple of nationalities are used to form chemistry links. Obviously the use of Frenchmen based in the Germany like Benjamin Pavard and Corentin Tolisso will allow you to easily form links with Ligue 1 players, while Paco Alcacer and Jese are used to form the link up front. Once again, you can fill the other positions with players of nationalities from the chosen leagues.

There are countless nationality and league combinations that you can use to form your own team, but you can use the above squads as an example as to how it can be quite easily done. If you require a further chemistry boost, you can use a manager from one the leagues present in your team.

Remember, the key is to identify league that share players of the same nationality, and then use them in central positions. Brazilians are good to use as they are present in most major leagues. It is also easy to use a country's domestic league and then mix it with players from that country based in other leagues, as we have done in the two squads above.

Best of luck in assembling your team!

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