EA Sports Announce Brand New FIFA 19 Champions League Content

EA Sports Announce Brand New FIFA 19 Champions League Content

The Champions League knockout stages are just around the corner, with the heavyweights of European football set to come face-to-face in do or die circumstances. To celebrate this pivotal point in the football season, EA Sports have announced some new Champions League content for FIFA 19 users.

The update will see some new cover artwork for the game, featuring Kevin De Bruyne, Neymar and Paulo Dybala.

There will also be some added perks for new players to FIFA Ultimate Team. Starting today, players who purchase FIFA 19 and who have not played FIFA Ultimate Teammode will start their FUT squad with one of those three players on 10-match loan.

They will also receive additional items, such as UEFA Champions League themed FUT 19 content, including four special UEFA Champions League kits and 5 UEFA Champions League player items (up to 85 overall rating).

Those who have Champions and Ultimate editions of the game will get even more content on top of the base game, including Jumbo Premium FUT packs, and Cristiano Ronaldo & Neymar Jr. Loan Items.

The addition of the UEFA Champions League to this year's FIFA title has proven a massive success, with gamers throughout the globe loving the ability to take part in the world's premier club competition.


According to statistics realised by EA Sports, over 55million Champions League games have been played on FIFA 19, with France the biggest contributor with 4.3million matches played. In terms of the most popular clubs, Juventus come out on top with 5.2million wins, while Ronaldo is the most prolific player with 5.4million goals scored.


The Champions League knockout stages gets underway on Tuesday, and this is the perfect way to mark the occasion. FIFA 19 Ultimate Team players will be keeping a keen eye on the progress of the competition, as they hope their Road To The Final items pay dividends at the end of the season.

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