Fall Guys Is Now The Most Downloaded PS Plus Game Of All Time

Fall Guys Is Now The Most Downloaded PS Plus Game Of All Time

Playstation have today announced that Fall Guys has become the most downloaded Playstation Plus game of all time.

Yeah, that's right the services most downloaded game isn't GTA or an AAA game by one of the industry's leading game developers, but rather a game where colourful beans compete to be the last bean standing by any means necessary. The news is as much of a surprise to you and I as it is to the game's developers, if their response to the news on Twitter is anything to go by.

Since its launch in August, the game has become a hit on both PC and Playstation. The game sold two million copies on Steam in less than a week.  However, Xbox and Nintendo Switch users have been missing out on all the fun as the game has yet to launch on the consoles and the news isn't great for them either.

According to, Paul Croft, the co-founder of Mediatonic, has said that they are only focusing on PC and Playstation for the time being saying;


"As you can imagine, we've had a lot of questions about platforms since launch, and of course we'd love to release on more platforms in the future but for now we're focusing our efforts on PC and PS4."

Despite not being available on all consoles yet, the game is being developed for mobile. Eurogamer have reported that Chinese games company Bilibili havw secured the rights to a mobile version of Fall Guys. The mobile version is being designed for the Chinese market for the time being but will surely make its way over to the rest of the world at some point.

Are you one of the millions of people who have downloaded the game?

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