February's Free PlayStation Plus Releases Have Been Revealed

February's Free PlayStation Plus Releases Have Been Revealed

Sony have revealed the games that will be available free to PlayStation Plus subscribers in February – and it’s a pretty creative line-up. Destruction AllStars leads this month’s set of games, taking the PlayStation 5 slot. PS4 owners will get free access to Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie.

Destruction AllStars is a next-gen game which releases on February 2nd and it looks like a blast. 16 “All-Star” characters, all equipped with special powers and abilities, engage in combat – with vehicles. It certainly doesn’t sound like your average driving or fighting game, but first timers to either category will be happy to know that it is part of the PlayStation 5’s “Game Help” feature, which gives you tips along the way to perfect your gaming.

Control: Ultimate Edition is available both on PS4 and PS5 for free in February. The game is a supernatural thriller, where the player is trapped in New York’s Federal Bureau of Control, which has been invaded by a mysterious enemy. The building is ever-changing, so exploring and staying aware of your surroundings is the name of the game here. Control also avails of the PS5’s “Game Help” feature, so you should be able to get to grips with it quickly.


Concrete Genie is an artistic game available exclusively for PS4 this month. Set in the polluted town of Denska, you are tasked with restoring colour to the town’s streets with your paintbrush. You are also equipped with “Living Paint” which allows you to conjure up genies who can help you solving some in-game puzzles and winning battles against “bullies” who may come for you.

This month’s releases take in a great range of genres and we can’t wait to get playing.

Eoin Harrington

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