Explaining The New Game Modes Added To FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

Explaining The New Game Modes Added To FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

EA Sports have released a number of details about Ultimate Team in FIFA 20, and it looks like an absolute belter.

A number of new icons will be available in the game, with some cracking additions. Zinedine Zidane, Andrea Pirlo and Didier Drigba are the pick of the bunch, with further new players to be announced in the coming weeks.

FIFA 20 will also feature a new FUT Friendlies hub, where you can play local or online games with you FUT squad. You can go for classic XI v XI, or House Rules.

There will also be four new modes: Mystery Ball, King of the Hill, Max Chemistry, and Swaps.

In Max Chemistry, every player on your team will automatically be given a '10' chemistry rating, allowing you to mix and match players from your squad without taking a chemistry hit.


Swaps mode will swap three players from your squad into your opponent's, and vice versa. It could be a bronze player, or your star striker. It's all about the luck of the draw.

Mystery Ball and King Of The Hill will also be available in kick-off mode, and they are certainly something a bit different.

Mystery Ball mode keeps you guessing, as the ball will be given a new numerical value every time it leaves the pitch. The next time you score it could be worth anything from one to three goals. It will also give the player in possession massive boosts in areas such as Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, Sprint Speed, or the all powerful All Ball, which brings each of the other effects at the same time.

In King Of The Hill, A control zone will spawn in the attacking half, and you will have to keep the ball inside for as long as you can. Depending on how long you manage it for, your next goal could be worth three times its regular value.

Other FUT changes include a refined objectives system, new customisation options, and a change to squad management.

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