FIFA 22 Wonderkids You Need In Your Career Mode

FIFA 22 Wonderkids You Need In Your Career Mode

Career mode is one of the most under appreciated aspects of FIFA 22. Every football fan thinks they can do better than the gaffer at their club. Career modes gives you that chance. You sign players, train them and have to keep every player happy like a real manager while also having to meet the expectations of the board. One of the essentials for success is signing talented young players. However, it's sometimes tough to find the rights ones so we've made a list of five of the best wonderkids to sign in FIFA 22 career mode.

Best FIFA 22 career mode wonderkids

#1 Rayan Cherki

Rayan Cherki FIFA 22

Club: Lyon

Overall: 73

Potential: 87


Value: €7m

This Lyon talent is one of only a few players to have five star skills and weak foot. If you train him into the CAM position, he'll be the perfect number ten for your team. He has very high dribbling for a 73 rated player. Therefore as he grows he'll become one of the best dribblers in the world. At €7 million as well if you have the money to spare, buying him will be a brilliant investment.

#2 Dane Scarlett

Dane Scarlett FIFA 22

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Overall: 63


Potential: 86

Value: €1.5m

This striker has one of the highest potentials in FIFA 22. Scarlett is a pacy striker with good shooting for a 63 rated player. Only valued at €1.5 million as well, Scarlett is a very cheap investment that will give you a huge return. He may not be good to go right away if you're a premier league side but a few years down the line he could be a world beater.

#3 Leonidis Stergiou

leonidis stergiou fifa 22

Club: St. Gallen


Overall: 67

Potential: 86

Value: €2.5m

The Swiss is one of the best defenders in career mode. His stats are high in the key areas of pace, defending and physical. So as his overall grows those stats will as well. He could easily become a 86 overall centre back with 85+ pace, defending and physical. He is fairly affordable as well so if you're looking for a centre back you should definitely go for Stergiou.

#4 Maarten Vandevoordt


Club: Genk

Overall: 71

Potential: 87

Value: €4.3m

Vandevoordt is the best young goalkeeper in FIFA 22. The 19 year old has the highest potential out of all young goalkeepers so there's no better man to buy than him. If you have an ageing goalkeeper and need to bring in your next number one, the €5million or so you will spend on Vandevoordt could be the best money you'll spend.

#5 Nicolo Rovella


Club: Genoa (on loan from Juventus)

Rating: 70

Potential: 87

Value: €4.1m

Nicolo Rovella is one of the best wonderkids to buy on career mode. The Italian is still contracted to Juventus so you won't be able to buy him in the first season but if you wait and invest a bit more you've got yourself a real gem. He has four star weak foot and 81 stamina, which is really good for a 70 rated player. Therefore as he grows he will become the perfect box to box midfielder, able to run around and do almost everything like N'Golo Kanté.

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