FIFA 22 Announce New Feature That Turns Off Opponents Celebrations

FIFA 22 Announce New Feature That Turns Off Opponents Celebrations

One small step for FIFA, one giant leap for less rage quits.

There's nothing worse in the world. It's up there with leaving the washing out on a rainy day, or forgetting to put petrol in the car.

You're playing a friend or a gloating player online. They score a goal. You have no choice but to sit there and suffer.

Well, that is no more. FIFA 22 have saved us from a slew of toxic players by adding a feature that lets you mute your opponents celebrations.

It's a new addition to the latest FIFA that will save you several curse words, grimaces and bangs of the controller.

FIFA have been good in the past in listening to fans feedback and criticism. For FIFA 21, they banned the 'shush' and 'A-OK' celebrations as they were deemed too toxic.


The feature will be available in the settings of the main menu, so it doesn't just apply to Ultimate Team. Ideal for heated friendlies.

What the game will do is change the focus of the camera onto your team's reaction instead. This is far better than watching Kylian Mbappé fold his arms three times a game.

Leading FUT producer Mike Barnucz spoke to EuroGamer about the move. "Conceding goal is always heartbreaking, especially in a closely fought match."

"While celebrations are an important part of real world football, we know watching them can be a frustrating experience for some players."

You're dead right, Mike. It's a move that no doubt will receive a warm welcome from FIFA fans across the globe.

Balls' Gary Connaughton got a sneak peak at the Beta version of the game back in July, where they'll be debuting a new 'HyperMotion' engine.

"Outside of HyperMotion, there have also been changes to the behaviour of goalkeepers, in-game ball physics, and the addition of 'explosive sprint'."

FIFA 22 will be available for pre-order on September 27th, and out fully on October 1st.

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