Epic Games Announce Release Of Amazing Fortnite NFL Skins

Epic Games Announce Release Of Amazing Fortnite NFL Skins

We always knew combining Fortnite and Madden would make for a cracking game.

Fortnite has changed the face of console gaming over the last year or so, with a whole generation of gamers now obsessed with the title. One of the main reasons the game has been such a resounding success is the innovation of Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite. They have continually shown a willingness to update the game by introducing new features in order to keep it fresh. The Fotnite NFL skins are just the latest example of this.

Fortnite NFL Skins

Epic Games today announced that they would introduce purchasable NFL skins to use in-game. The skins look absolutely fantastic, and will be a lot of fun to use. Take a look.

Jerseys from each of the 32 NFL teams (as well as a unique Fortnite team) will be available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop starting November 9th. The jerseys can also be customised by sporting a number of your choice.


The skins are the result of a new collaboration between Fortnite and the NFL, and I'm sure we will see plenty more joint ventures between the two parties in the near future.

This is not the first time the game has crossed paths with the world of sport, something that is unsurprising when you consider its popularity amongst athletes. Fortnite dance moves have become part and parcel of celebrations across various different sports, with France superstar Antoine Griezmann the best example of this.

The NFL meanwhile may hope that the partnership with Fortnite will make the league more appealing to the younger generation, something that will be very important in the battle against declining ratings.

Regardless of any motivation behind the move, it cannot be argued that the skins look pretty damn cool. We are already looking forward to seeing them in-game.

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