This Cheap Mini Golf Video Game Is Perfect For Multiplayer Lockdown Craic

This Cheap Mini Golf Video Game Is Perfect For Multiplayer Lockdown Craic

It can be hard to keep yourself/kids/significant other entertained over the lockdown but Golf With Your Friends may be the perfect video game to have a bit of laugh while also keeping that competitive edge.

While the hardcore golf fans are getting back out to the real-life courses near their home, this video game is all about mini golf and it certainly does not take any sort of golf or gaming expert to play it.

The game has been available for Early Access on Steam since 2016 but was officially released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam just last week. There are 11 mini golf courses available and you can play online against up to 11 friends at once or against those in your house in the offline multiplayer mode.

Think of it as a game that has more in common with Wii Golf rather than the PGA video games.


Some of the courses are absolutely nuts, with explosives etc to deal with, including a Worms battlefield that fans of the Worms video game will definitely appreciate. There are also lots of additional features you can play around with, such as power-ups (including honeytraps for your opponents' balls), ice hockey pucks and the like. Not only that but you can also make your ball wear a hat. What a time to be alive!

The game can be bought for a tenner on Steam or for around €20 on Xbox, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can actually play it for free!

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