Here's A List Of Brilliant Games Available For Less Than €30 On The Xbox Store

Here's A List Of Brilliant Games Available For Less Than €30 On The Xbox Store

Well, here's a silver lining.

When we made the discovery that there was a sale on the Playstation Store, we felt in our waters that there would also be one for the Xbox One.

Thank god we were correct.

Staying at home is bad enough, never mind if you have no fresh entertainment to keep you occupied. Thankfully, for their easter sale, Microsoft have given us plenty of options when it comes to games, and some for staggeringly low prices.

The sale includes Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles, with some even going back to the original Xbox days. You can't beat the odd classic.

Everything you could possibly wish for is contained in this sale, you can even go over €30 should you wish, but we'll keep our budget constraints for the purposes of this article.

Here are an assortment of titles that you should check out during the quarantine:


UFC 3 €14.99

Watchdogs 2 €17.49

FIFA 20 €27.99

Farcry 5 €17.49

Burnout Paradise Remastered €4.99

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition €9.99


Star Wars Battlefront II: Deluxe Edition €23.99

WRC 8 €23.99

LA Noire €19.99

Fallout 4 €8.99

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled €23.99

NBA 2K20 €23.09


Fight Night Champion €7.49

Monopoly Plus €4.49

Dead Island Definitive Collection €7.49

Just Cause 3 €4.99

Skate 3 €4.99

Madden NFL 20 €23.09


Bully Scholarship Edition €5.99

Grand Theft Auto IV €8.74

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas €10.04

If you're looking for solely Xbox One games, click here.

If you're looking at games for the Xbox 360, click here.

All these games are digital downloads, so you'll be able to download them straight to your console and play way. The wonders of technology, no need for CDs, DVDs or any of that lark.

We'll aim to get stuck into the classics, maybe go bowling with our cousin Roman in GTA IV or attempt to become the next Tony Hawk in Skate 3.

Either way, we know we'll be entertained.

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Sean Meehan

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