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How To Defend In FIFA 22 - Defensive Tips & Tricks

How To Defend In FIFA 22 - Defensive Tips & Tricks
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You can score as many as you in a given game, but you won't get very far if you keep conceding even more at the other end. If you are finding things tough in this year's game, we will show you how to defend in FIFA 22.

There are a number of methods you can use to limit the amount of chances you concede and mastering a few of the tricks below will go a long way to improving your ability to keep the ball out of the net.

Here's how to improve your defending in FIFA 22.

How To Defend In FIFA 22

Use Dynamic Tactics

how to defend in FIFA 22

Dynamic tactics have made a huge difference in FIFA in recent years, with the ability to perfectly craft the team in your image a big boost to players.

It is especially important when defending, as you don't want to leave gaps at the back for you opponent to exploit.

You might prefer to sit deep, press high, or perhaps a mixture of both. Extensively going through the various options will allow you to craft an approach that best suits your style of play.



Jockey Your Opponent

Don't just let the opposition run by you. While it can be difficult to contain opposition attackers with high pace stats, just standing them up can go a long way to stop them from getting in behind.

When an attacker is running at you, simply hold down the L2/LT button to perform a jockey. This will make your defender angle themselves towards the ball and become a much harder obstacle to get around.

You can also combine this with the sprint button to make it even more effective if required.


You could  hold the X/A button while jockeying to 'contain' your opponent, which makes your defender automatically follow the movements of the attacker. However, don't use this too often as it can make your defender susceptible to be taken off the dribble.


Don't Dive In!

We love a heroic slide tackle as much as the next football fan, but mistiming one can often have deadly consequences in FIFA.


You are usually much better served by staying on your feet, biding your time, and waiting for the ideal moment to stick a foot in a standing challenge (using O/B button).

A slide tackle should only really be used as a last resort or when you are attempting to foul the opposition and halt a counterattack.



Know Your Opposition

In FIFA 22, it seems much more difficult for a player to score with their weaker foot. As a result, most gamers will do their best to shift the ball onto an attacker's stronger foot before attempting a shot.

They will usually use a few flicks or tricks to create the space necessary to do so, meaning it really helps to know what foot a given player favours. For example, always position yourself for a block when Mo Salah cuts in on his left, while the same can be said of Cristiano Ronaldo on his right.


Don't be fooled by overcommitting to a defensive action when a player is unlikely to shoot from that position.




Use A Holding Midfielder

You really need a holding midfielder in your side, one that will sit in front of the defence and block up opposition attacks.


Ideally, they should have good mobility and high tackling stats. Being a good passer is also a bonus so that you can launch a counterattack or two of your own.

To really get the most out of your holding midfielder, you should adjust his attacking instructions to 'stay back while attacking' in the 'player roles' section of dynamic tactics.

how to defend in FIFA 22


Do Not Pull Your Centre Backs Out Of Position

This is key to keeping things tight at the back.

While it can be tempting to rush out with your centre back and try and steal the ball off an on-rushing attacker, this leaves you far too exposed at the back. If you're beaten on the dribble, your opponent will likely get a good scoring opportunity.

These players are the best defenders on your team, there is a reason they are the last line of defence.

Instead, you should only really press the player in possession with your midfielders. This will allow the defenders to stay in position while also applying pressure to the ball, a key part of learning how to defend in FIFA 22.


Cut Off The Passing Lanes

Pressing the ball carrier may not always be the smartest move. Sometimes you could be better off staying in front of him and attempting to cut off any passing lanes to his teammates.

If the opposition are still quite a bit away from your goal, you would likely be better served to wait for him to attempt to play a forward pass and win possession that way.

This leaves you less exposed at the back as you are not pulled out of position, while you also have the chance to launch a quick counterattack of your own if executed correctly.


Switch Players Using The Right Stick

It can be frustrating when the CPU does not give you the player you want to control in defensive situations. You can always see what player the L1/LB button will switch to, as that player will have a faded icon over their head. However, you might want to switch to another player.

In that case, using the right stick is a better option. Simply push it in the direction of the player you want to control, and it will switch to them.

The second method gives you much more control and can be key in defensive situations.

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fifa 22 custom tactics

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