New FIFA 20 Update Allows You To Use Icon Players In Career And Kick Off Mode

New FIFA 20 Update Allows You To Use Icon Players In Career And Kick Off Mode

FIFA 20's latest update has brought fans a great surprise, and if you've got dreams of resurrecting Roy Keane's managerial career, now's your chance.

The latest update has added an Icon squad- named 'Soccer Aid', in the Rest Of World section - made up of this year's Icon players from FIFA Ultimate Team. The squad itself is only available to use in kick off mode offline, similar to the Classic XI that was available to play with up until recent years. However, the developers have fortuitously made the players available to use in career mode too.

It's a frankly incredible squad, including the likes of 98 rated Pele, 97 rated Maradona, Zidane, Ronaldinho and Luis Figo, and that's only the front five! The likes of Keane, Shevchenko and Shearer don't even make the bench in the preset starting XI.

How to play with Icons in FIFA 20 Career Mode

Accessing these players in career mode requires a slight bit of tinkering. You must go to the customise section, then go to club transfers and search the player you want by name. All it takes then is to add the player to any squad available in career mode, then simply start a new career.

It is also possible to use any of these players as a manager too. Follow the same steps, but instead start a player career and select the player you want. Once your career has loaded, simply retire and that player will become a manager.


The only worry is how in the name of God are we going to be able to decide on a starting XI out of all those players? And can we really justify starting Keane when there are a lot of midfielders rated above him? Yes. Yes we absolutely can.

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