First Details Emerge Of New 'Mario Kart Tour' Game For Smartphones

First Details Emerge Of New 'Mario Kart Tour' Game For Smartphones

The mobile version of arguably the world's greatest video game has started its closed beta today and details have been leaking by the minute.

Mario Kart Tour is due for release this summer as the first smartphone specific iteration of the hugely popular franchise. Today's closed beta is only accessible to certain users who registered prior to the May 7th deadline but some information from the experience so far has made its way online.

It's reported that the game will have automatic acceleration and work in a vertical screen only display, meaning all you'll need to do is steer. While it seems a strange decision to restrict the peripheral track vision on-screen, it's indicative of how so many mobile apps, games and videos are adapting to 'one hand' policy when it comes to accessibility.

Judging by early reports there appears to be a vast array of playable characters but alas there is still no sign of Birdo, who hasn't been seen since Mario Kart Wii.


There are also a multitude of tracks, including old favourites like Mario Circuit, Rainbow Road and Luigi Mansion. While the game will be free to play, unfortunately most of the characters and tracks will likely be behind some sort of monetisation mechanism. It's also reported that this will be a gacha system, similar to the microtransaction loot boxes etc that we see in the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends, except the unlockable items will actually be beneficial rather than purely cosmetic.

Of course, everything must be taken with a pinch of salt, given that this is a beta version, meaning everything is subject to change before the full release.

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