New Crash Bandicoot Game Will Have A Frankly Ridiculous Number Of Levels

New Crash Bandicoot Game Will Have A Frankly Ridiculous Number Of Levels

Everyone is very excited for the upcoming Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time release this October and it looks like it is going to definitely give you your money's worth!

According to a GameStop email the new game will have over 100 levels and new game modes, meaning that while we may have been waiting years on a new Crash game, they're certainly making up for lost time.

To put it in context, the old Crash Bandicoot games would have had around 30 levels, so this one is definitely going to take a while to complete.


Speaking about the storyline to Paul Yan, co-studio head of game developer Toys For Bob said:

"Where we picked up off from Crash 3, Neo Cortex, Dr. Entropy and Uka Uka, they’ve been stranded on this distant planet. They’ve been trying fruitlessly to escape, but they finally managed to get out and in doing so, they’ve ripped this giant hole in the fabric of the universe, exposing a multiverse. So it’s gonna be up to both Crash and Coco to reunite and reassemble the four Quantum Masks to restore balance to this multiverse."

Crash 4 will include new player abilities as well as more playable characters, including Neo Cortex. Anyone else feel like they're 10 again? The new game will be released on PS4 and Xbox One on 2 October.

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