The 10 New Fortnite Locations Launched Today

The 10 New Fortnite Locations Launched Today

Hands up if you love Fortnite: Battle Royale!? It's been described as quite possibly the most popular video game in the western world right now and it's just got a whole lot better with ten new Fortnite locations included in today's update.

The new locations comprise of a couple of new cities, mines, motels and some built-areas, all along the lefthand side of the map. In what will be the biggest change to the game since it was launched in the autumn of last year, the excitement levels are through the roof with the long-awaited update.

The New Fortnite Locations

When we dive deeper into the new version of the map, we find five named locations that are about to be added. These are:

Tilted Towers

This is the highlight of the update. Titled Towers is not only a new location, it looks to be the biggest location on the map altogether. Multiple floors, what looks to be an underground car park and what promises to be absolute carnage once the update goes live.


Shifty Shafts

The new update promised mine shafts and mine shafts we shall have! It doesn't take Inspector Morse to figure out that these mines will be located in Shifty Shafts, slightly north of Flush Factory. Imagine in the mines link to other cities! Exciting stuff!


Snobby Shores

This is right in the middle of one of the spots that was my favourite place to land. Snobby Shores snuggles the west coast and will consist of some fancy holiday homes or hotels, and Alia-A has spotted what he thinks might be a swimming pool.

Junk Junction


when is the next fortnite update

This looks like the set of Scrapheap Challenge, except it will probably bring with it a lot more death and destruction in comparsion to the Channel 4 tv show. I'm not a huge fan of the yard with all the lorry crates and this appears similar so I'm going to hold out judgement on it until I try it out.

Haunted Hills

This one really looks intriguing. It's not quite Wailing Woods, not quite a city. It looks like the top west side of the map is about to end up with a lot more foliage, thanks to this update. I'd imagine it will be a hilly forest, topped off with some spooky ruins and plenty of chests.

There a lots of other unnamed locations too, including a secret soccer pitch, and we've found where it is here.

If you love Fortnite then check out our gameplay Facebook Live and we'll definitely be doing another when the update goes live!

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