The New Fortnite Map Is Here And There Are Big Changes

The New Fortnite Map Is Here And There Are Big Changes

Fortnite Season 5 is live and once again there have been a lot of changes. You can now drive cars and play golf. We've got the new Fortnite map right here to fill you in on all the changes, including what parts have been destroyed and the two new named locations.

New Fortnite Map

Here's the new Fortnite map, and you'll notice massive changes to the southwest side of the island.

new fortnite map

New Fortnite Locations

So the whole southwest side of the map has been changed and seems to all be desert. There is also a massive new complex called 'Paradise Palms' and another unnamed location over beside Lucky Landing. The old race track has been changed as well into an actual functioning track, where you can race carts.


Futher to the north, you'll find 'Lazy Links' which allows you to actually play golf. You heard me! ACTUALLY play golf! Lastly there now appears to be a waterfall coming out of the mountain beside Snobby Shores.

The other interesting feature is that some of the portals still exist and should you run into them they will transport you to a different area of the map. You can also drive through the portals in the carts.

Destroyed Fortnite Locations

Moisty Mire has been completely destroyed along with Anarchy Acres. For some reason the soccer pitch also seems to be gone to. We're just getting started in terms of exploring so we'll check everything out and add in more details as we find them.

One thing is for sure this update really seems to be trying it's best to add in new features for those who were getting bored of just trying to kill people and would rather mess about for a while. Hence the race track and the golf course. The race track even records your lap times!

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