One Of The Best Video Game Trilogies Is On Sale Right Now

One Of The Best Video Game Trilogies Is On Sale Right Now

Here's an opinion: Batman trumps Superman every time. And if you disagree then welcome to Wrongsville! The movies are better and when it comes to video games, it's not even a contest.

If you're looking for something to keep your entertained during the lockdown then look no further because the acclaimed Batman: Arkham collection is currently on sale on both Xbox and Playstation 4 for under €20 but you've got to be quick.

The series is compiled of Batman: Arkham AsylumBatman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight. Upon their release in 2009 and 2011 respectively, the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games became the most critically acclaimed superhero video games ever. Both have been remastered for present day consoles and given updated visuals.

Batman: Arkham Knight rounded off the trilogy in 2015, again released to widespread praise. Both Mashable and Forbes listed the series among their top games of the last decade.


The collection is on sale on Xbox One for €19.79 until Sunday 24 May, while you can get it on Playstation 4 for €19.99 until the end of Wednesday 27 May.

As note, there are some other classics on sale in the Xbox store at the moment, including Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition and Bioshock: The Collection.

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