7 Ways 'Warzone' Perfectly Captures Life During The Lockdown

7 Ways 'Warzone' Perfectly Captures Life During The Lockdown

Call of Duty: Warzone has gotten a lot of us through the lockdown. It's become an essential bonding tool for many of us stuck in our houses over the past seven weeks. And in a funny way, it's hard to imagine life without Warzone. Inevitably, many Warzones memes have been hatced over the past month or so.

These are some of our favourite memes and tweets about the incredible video game over the past week or so. Best of luck to everyone trying to escape the gulag!

When you just need to say good night to your loved ones so you can play

When you're a dictator that suddenly rises from the dead

When you're a Prime Minister that cheats death


When you're teaching the younger members of the squad

When you can't even play because the internet


When you and your squad discover you're not ready for The Circle

When you get heat from your significant other about playing too much Warzone during the Lockdown




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