Watch: Reacting To The Irish Player Faces In PES 2018

Watch: Reacting To The Irish Player Faces In PES 2018

It's that time of year again...

"New sports game season" always has us dying to get stuck-in to the latest sports games here at, and as PES 2018 is the first football game to hit shelves this season it was time for us to keep one of our favourite new traditions going.

For the last two PES titles we've given a review and reaction to the Irish player faces on the new game, and while the Euro 2016 update added a whole load of new scans that are still and use and look rather good... There are still some Irish players who look just terrible.

Mikey and Mark hopped on Facebook Live to show off the new Irish player faces and give their first reactions as well as some of the better shouts from the comments, so sit back and enjoy.

Once again, Richard Keogh is a highlight.


What is going on with Jeff Hendrick! Shane Long is by far the best, Seamus Coleman is great too, but there were a few curveballs thrown in there.

Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter and let us know if any of the players reminded you of someone, or something, it turns out the Harry Potter thing Mark was trying to remember to describe Jeff Hendrick was a 'Hippogriff'.

PES 2018 is a lot of fun this year, so make sure to check it out especially for the Random Select Match which occupied the second half of the video above.

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