"A Storm Is Coming" - Perhaps The Last Big PS4 Exclusive Will Be Released This Month

"A Storm Is Coming" - Perhaps The Last Big PS4 Exclusive Will Be Released This Month

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most highly-anticipated games of 2020, and it's almost here. Playstation 4 players have been anxious to get their hands on what will probably end up being the last big PS4 exclusive. Developed by Sucker Punch Productions (SPP), we're here to explain what is Ghost of Tsushima about and why it looks so promising.

SPP announced that the game has "gone gold," meaning it is ready for production and won't miss its scheduled release date of 17th July. This news comes after the studio released a whole heap of information about the upcoming game last month. In the May State of Play livestream, SPP showed gameplay that revealed lots of details about exploration and combat.

The 18-minute video took us through some of the action and setup that you will experience when the game comes out this month. PS4 enthusiasts liked what they saw.


What is Ghost of Tsushima about?

Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world adventure based during the Mongol invasion of Tsushima Island. It takes place in 1274, and the game follows Jin, a samurai who barely survives a battle with the Mongol army. To strike back and retake his land, Jin develops new strategies and techniques to catch his foes off-guard. He becomes known as the Ghost of Tsushima as he attacks his enemies from the shadows.

Jin is the only character you will play as throughout the game. He is brought to life by actor Daisuke Tsuji. Jin is one of the last of his clan following the trail of lead left by the Mongols. There will be two distinct types of combat: Ghost and Samurai. The honourable Samurai style involves direct combat with enemies using swords and deflecting strikes from enemies before giving killing blows. The Ghost style, on the other hand, relies on stealth and deception with the use of special gadgets and weapons. There are different types of armour associated with each combat style.

In terms of exploration, Ghost of Tsushima features an open world. The world is vast in size and detail and you will be free to explore at will. You will want to stop and take it all in, from the towering mountains to the dense forests. Judging from the gameplay, Jin uses a map to find desired locations. He uses his 'Guiding Wind' power to lead him. Jin walks, runs, scurries, grapples and rides on horseback to get from place to place. Aside from exploration, the narrative is pushed along with missions and side-quests.

After a delay due to the pandemic, Sony has locked in the 17th July as the release date for Ghost of Tsushima. We are extremely excited for this Samurai adventure.

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