Where Is The Race Track In Fortnite? All You Need To Know

Where Is The Race Track In Fortnite? All You Need To Know

With the launch of Fornite Season 5 today we have been treated a host of new features, including a completely revamped southeastern corner of the map, a waterfall in the mountain near Snobby Shores, and a new 'Lazy Links' golf course. Not to mention the 'rifts' or portals which can transport you across the map, and the new emotes that allow you to play basketball and golf. However we're here to discuss the new All Terrain Karts that you can drive at the both the golf course and the newly revamped race track. But where is the race track in Fortnite? Let's jump right in.

Where Is The Race Track In Fortnite?

The race track has always been there but since the season 5 update it has had a complete revamp. You can find the track on the west side of the map, not far from Retail Row.

where is the race track in fortnite

When you get there you'll see a pristine track, with karts, kerbs and tyre walls! Jump into one of the karts to go for a drive around the track. If you line up at the start line it will actually record your laptime. Like a lot of old racing video games, you need to drive inside various checkpoints during the lap and should you do that then at the end your laptime will actually display on track.

Here's YouTuber Master0fHyrule recording a 1:35 laptime.

where is the race track in fortnite


The controls are obviously different on each console but as you can see in the above screenshot, all instructions will display on screen once you approach the kart. The karts can then be driven around the island and also through 'rifts' transporting you to all sorts of places. Take a look below.

So now you have all the details there is nothing left but to jump in and give it a try yourself. You can also check out our article explaining how you can play golf in Fortnite, after the new update.

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