8 Years On, Remembering Graeme McDowell's Submission To The Cringe Hall Of Fame

8 Years On, Remembering Graeme McDowell's Submission To The Cringe Hall Of Fame

Graeme McDowell is a good bloke and a good golfer, and it was great to see him back to winning ways on the course last weekend. Unfortunately, today we need to revisit a less illustrious moment of his G-Mac's superb golf career.

An in-house, almost MTV Cribs-esque, interview was uploaded to PGA Tour's official YouTube channel eight years ago and it is 2 mins and 42 seconds of pure comedic genius. If Graeme McDowell was playing a parody of himself it would go down as one of the greatest performances of all time.

Quick-fire questions are answered, and not only are the answers pure gold but the accent, which was once brought up by a ballsy young interviewer, was out of control.

It's so great that we have to narrow down the talking points to a Top 5:

#5 - Favourite movie? There's so many to choose from...


There are a lot of movies, for sure, but Shawshank Redemption is the original GAA cliché so we're glad he picked Gladiator too.

#4 - Batman. He's got all the toys.. And he gets the girls too.

Smooth. So smooth.

#3 - Checking to make sure he doesn't have tattoos.

"Not a tattoo kind of guy..." Thank God you checked, that could have been embarrassing if you had a massive tattoo that you didn't know about.

#2 - "Telayportayshun"


Glorious. Teleportation would be an awesome super power, but that pronunciation stole the show.

#1 - Main Weakness? Probably A Cold Beer

That was glorious, so glorious in fact that it inspired it's own spoof interview 'Graeme McDowell cold beer' edit:

We love you G-Mac, never change.

Balls Team

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