Brooks Koepka Says Fans Cheering Against Players Part Of Golf After Latest DeChambeau Incident

Brooks Koepka Says Fans Cheering Against Players Part Of Golf After Latest DeChambeau Incident

The Bryson DeChambeau vs Brooks Koepka feud came very close to spilling over last week, despite the fact that one of the pair was not even involved in the incident.

DeCahmbeau had just lost out a gruelling six-hole play-off at the BMW Championship when he confronted a fan who had taunted him with a shout of 'good job Brooksie' as he walked off the course.

ESPN's Kevin Van Valkenburg described the incident:

Halfway up the hill, something happened that made me feel like we’ve arrived at a miserable place in the never-ending circus that is DeChambeau.

A patron waited until DeChambeau had walked by, but was not out of earshot, then sneered from over the rope line “Great job Brooksie!” DeChambeau spun around in a rage and began briefly walking in his direction.

“You know what? Get the f— out!” DeChambeau yelled. He had rage in his eyes.

I’m being dead serious when I say it could have gotten ugly really fast. Maybe not “Malice At The Palace” bad, but in that moment, nothing would’ve surprised me.

DeChambeau certainly did not take kindly to the comment, with his rivalry with Koepka the dominant story in the PGA Tour over the last 12 months or so.

The two men clearly do not like each other, although the way the fans have acted in recent times has gone overboard at times. This has resulted in the tour taking action.

This week, the PGA Tour that any behaviour from a spectator that disrespected or harassed a player would result in expulsion from their events.


Brooks Koepka is in favour of the move, although he said fans cheering against players is part of the game.

I mean, when you're out there, you can hear everything, so everybody's been told something or said something they didn't like and, I mean, that's sports.

It's not a sport if you (don't have) people cheering for you and against you. It's kind of difficult to call it a sport, isn't it?

But, yeah, I mean, I think there comes a time and a place I think where you can see fan behaviour get a little excessive. You kind of see it in the NBA a little bit. Maybe out here as well.

But, like I said, everybody try to be as respectful as you can be. Players, everybody, the fans, everybody could use a little bit more respect...

If I got something smart to say, I'll say it. But I mean, most of the time I don't give them the time of day. I hear everything. It doesn't matter what you say, I'm so focused on what I got to do.

And let's be honest, most of them wouldn't say that stuff if they were in the street right next to me, so, and I know that, but you put a rope in between us and they think it's going to protect them.

Despite the move from the PGA Tour, it would be a surprise if we don't see some similar incidents in the near future.

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